The Best Way to Prevent Workplace Violence is to Make Yourself "Attack-Proof!"

I help concerned CEOs & business owners avoid the "Zero Tolerance" myth and really protect their company, people, and reputations from the damage and loss caused by an act of violence in their workplace.

workplace violence prevention and planning

Do You Work Hard to Create a Safe Workplace, only to have that, “Oh crap!” moment when yet another story hits the news about a business getting attacked, and from an unlikely and unsuspecting source or direction?

Do you stay up at night, watching what’s going on in the world today, and wonder if what you have in place is enough to protect everything you’ve worked hard to build should someone choose to target you, your business, or your people?  Do you know which of the FIVE attacker types you're most at-risk from, and exactly what you and your people need to do to prevent, deter, and respond to your most likely threat scenarios?

Do you want to have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that you’re doing everything you can to protect your company’s assets, your people, and your brand's reputation (not to mention your own!) from harm?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of the above...  I can help you.

workplace safety client


“Jeff has made what appeared to be a daunting process as easy as possible, literally walking us step-by-step along the way.  I highly recommend him to any company or organization looking to protect itself against the threat and damaging effects of violence in the workplace.”

Brian Burke VP of Operations, Sunbury Textile Mills

Customized Services Tailored To Each Client's Needs...

C-Suite Trusted Advisor

I help you protect your people, your company, reputations, and bottom line! Are you ready?

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For Healthcare Leaders

Concerned about protecting your nurses and other healthcare staff from violence?  I can help you.

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Problems & Solutions

Look, "Zero Tolerance" doesn't work against the attackers you need to be most prepared for.  Learn more...

Engaging Speaker

Looking to give your attendees some valuable tactics and strategies they can use right away, and thank you for?

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According to OSHA, Workplace Violence is the leading cause of job-related injury and death for women and management. The US Dept of Justice and Dept of Homeland Security now classify it as domestic terrorism.  The reality is that 13 - 20 people will be killed, and another 38,500 will be otherwise attacked on the job...

...this week... and EVERY WEEK!

The question is:

"What will you and your people do when your workplace violence "prevention" policy FAILS? 

Help from my Blog

This is where I share my 40+ years of not just the knowledge about violence and those who commit it, but also the real-world experience with actually handling real violence and violent people.

April 20, 2021


January 11, 2021


December 27, 2020


August 8, 2020


Hi, I'm Jeffrey Miller...

As your partner and trusted adviser,  I specialize in helping you assess the gaps in your current systems and procedures, design and implement solutions that proactively work to identify and neutralize threats before they occur, and reduce response times to active incidents that cannot be otherwise prevented to the lowest degree possible.

After partnering with me, you will have a customized, integrated threat management solution that covers the critical and necessary areas that I’ve identified during my decades of experience in threat management.”

My passion is making you the hero-leader everyone sees as the one having the commitment and foresight to not allow your company to be one of the 93% of businesses currently unprotected, under-protected, and at-risk for the fear, pain, and losses caused by workplace violence!

What They Say...

Eric White

Operations Director

“You owe it to your people to seek out Jeffrey Miller and his help.  They'll most certainly thank you for being concerned with their personal safety.”

Ric Jones

VP and Owner

Jeffrey's “Occam’s Razor” approach to problem solving allows him to achieve his goals (and yours) in the shortest time possible.”

Worried your current workplace violence prevention measures aren’t enough? Want a greater sense of confidence and peace-of-mind?

Grab your complimentary digital copy of my special, "32 Steps to Make Your Company Virtually 'Attack-Proof'" report.  This popular client resource will give you a set of checklists from my complete Px8 framework, as-well-as a better understanding of what you might be missing in your company's workplace violence prevention, response, and recovery plan.  Now, you don't have to be a client to get the entire framework I use to protect those who come to me for help.

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