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Over the past 34 years, I've worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of diverse industries worldwide.  And, since I'm an independent consultant (not a security guard service, lock, or alarm system rep calling themselves one), you get my unbiased help in creating just what you need.

Nothing more, nothing less!

From manufacturing companies to hospitals, from churches to municipalities and libraries, and from small consulting and social services firms to universities and school districts…

…these client companies, and often their individual leaders working in “stealth-mode,” have all turned to Jeff for his expertise and unmatched ability to optimize their ability to prevent, deter, and mitigate the effects of workplace violence.

Real-world, positive results that I've been able to produce for my clients include the following key indicators and outcomes:

  • Mid-sized manufacturing operations develop, train, and maintain a dependable and reliable in-house security team who has more of a vested interest in the security of the company than a 3rd party guard provider.  This establishes a greater sense of security and safety throughout the entire company, and a greater ability to integrate other systems together as a whole.
  • North-American branch of a multi-national already had a lot in place but were still relying on the 6 minute "Run - Hide - Fight" video twice a year, as though their employees could translate that into a reliable action plan within each of their different work areas.  I helped them identify the need for departmental and tier-based training and support programs that would ensure everyone, at every level,  knows what to do in the event of an act of violence.  This saves time, money, and minimizes the confusion, panic, and collateral damage that can occur – mitigating company losses and getting operations back up and running with the least amount of down time possible.
  • Creation and training of Threat Assessment and Core Response Teams who monitor and keep track of red flag incidents that could indicate possible trouble, and then recommend appropriate help or action as needed.  They are also trained to be internal “first-responders” to assist security and/or police in the case of actual violence, thus helping to maintain and even increase productivity, reduce costs, and of course stem off potential danger before it has a chance to happen.
  • Our “Rapid Reset & Recharge” program helps doctors and nurses at busy medical centers reduce and eliminate burnout so the organization can increase staff happiness, job satisfaction levels, productivity and retention.
  • Our comprehensive threat assessment and gap analysis help leaders and business owners identify areas of concern to increase the level of security and safety, and insure compliance with OSHA’s General Duty Clause for maintaining a safe workplace for employees.
  • Our response planning guidance helps safety managers prepare emergency management plans which tailor the “Run, Hide, Fight” training to each specific work area, as well as insuring that alerts, notifications, and response procedures are designed to work seamlessly with the client’s operations.
  • Our Px8 Strategic Model helps emergency management and training managers insure that all bases are covered, from knowing a client’s primary threat and attacker types to de-escalation and escaping to safety, and from attack avoidance and personal safety protocols through post-incident recovery.  This not only insures that there are no holes left open in the client’s workplace security and employee safety systems, but also makes each employee a part of the organization’s overall readiness.

Results matter… Period.

From our first conversation, we will discuss not only the concerns you have but also the results that you want to see.  Then, everything we suggest, design, and do for you is directed towards achieving those specific results.


What a few of my clients say...

workplace safety client

From the first eye-opening presentation given by Jeffrey Miller, covering the problem of workplace violence, we knew we had to take action to insure the safety and protection of everyone at Sunbury Textile Mills. Our problem was that we had never embarked on anything like this and admitted as much at the onset of the project.

Jeff made what appeared to be a daunting process, as easy as possible, literally walking us step-by-step along the way. Since hiring Jeffrey M. Miller Consultancy and receiving that first extensive report from the initial security assessment, Jeff has helped us develop a fully dedicated and trained security department, threat assessment team, and core response team.

Employees and management alike tell us they feel more safe and, more importantly, that Sunbury Textile Mills cares about their safety and well-being. The morale and buy-in on this project has been tremendous, and we're not even finished yet.

Brian Burke, VP Operations

sunbury textile mills

We commenced a collaborative project aimed at the improved security of the school cafeteria environment as well as individual personal protection. This was not a main stream idea, and yet Mr. Miller immediately recognized its potential benefits to the Hempfield School District Child Nutrition Department. Mr. Miller brought a wealth of experience and analytical skills to this project which will undoubtedly ensure its ongoing success. He demonstrated an ability and willingness to seek out new techniques, keeping our work environment in mind.

Mr. Miller is warm and engaging, passionate about his work, encouraging every participant to employ the tactics he’s shown. Mr. Miller is highly respected by me and my colleagues for his integrity, his passion for the art, and his ability to network at various levels in order to assimilate the information necessary.

Joan Fitzsimmons, Dept. Manager

hempfield school district

workplace safety employee training

Mr. Miller’s approach to self protection and occupational/work-place safety is both thorough and effective. Drawing on over two decades of martial arts, military, police and protection experience, he is able to distill the most useful aspects of self protection from a larger body of knowledge and package and present them in a way that makes them accessible to, and effective for, average people without the need for years of training. Mr. Miller teaches effective tactics for dealing with all stages of a developing situation, but his brains-over-brawn approach emphasizes the use of awareness and strategy to help avoid the need for physical confrontation. His methods are highly effective. Several of my students and I attend his training events at every possible opportunity.

John Healy, Sr. Manager


workplace violence self-defense employee training

We understand the need for assault avoidance and self-defense training in Today’s world. The programs delivered by Mr. Miller exceeded our expectations.  The information and delivery was not only well-thought out and on-target with what we needed, but it was also very different from the same rehashed materials we had encountered in the past.

Our people were not just taught self-defense moves. They were taught the science behind how and why we respond the way we do under pressure.  If your company is looking to add this important type of training to your employee education and wellness program, I highly recommend that you talk with Jeff Miller and see why he is our number one choice when it comes to this type of training.

Erskine Harris, President

ronin consultant corp.

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