Stop dealing with the fear and have the confidence you want about protecting your people  — even if you’re unsure about where to start or what you need.

As a great leader, I know you're concerned about the safety of your people, especially considering the increase in violence we're seeing during these troubled times.  Let me help you create exactly what you need to do just that.

You’re a smart, responsible leader who can be trusted by both superiors and subordinates alike.  But, let’s face it… you have concerns about the threat of workplace violence seriously affecting, if not crippling, your business

You know your job, your company, and your industry.  And you have a rock-solid track record of success.

Yet, when you try to determine the best choices to get to the result you’re looking for in terms of protecting your company and its assets and people against the threat, loss, and nightmare of a violent attack, it’s a whole different story.

But, you’re not alone.  In fact, it’s been my experience that one of the biggest mistakes a CEO or senior leader can make, BEFORE he or she ever puts a single procedure, policy, or protocol in place…

…is to assign the project to a manager or group who themselves have absolutely no real-world experience in handling actual violence!

They confuse the rational logic used in the safety of the conference room (what they think “should work”), with what actually deters and prevents people from acting out, and the logic and strategic thinking that will be needed in that critical moment when they’re face-to-face and dealing with an enraged assailant or the attacker who has coldly, with single-minded intention, specifically targeted them, one of their people, or the business itself (what “does work”).

In short…

They try to apply normal, rational, and even simplistic thinking… to what is often an irrational, complicated, and abnormal problem outside of their expertise!

Workplace Violence Consultant

You have concerns about the threat of workplace violence seriously affecting, if not crippling, your business.  You want to implement not just any policies or training, but highly effective systems designed around your specific threats and attacker types – integrated solutions that provide peace of mind for you and your people.  Solutions that will work when you need them the most.

But, you don’t know how.  You’re confused and frustrated by the different options.  And, you don’t want to waste time, effort, or money on training or solutions that won’t actually make your workplace more safe and secure.


Because I take all my real-world experience and knowledge from working as a police officer, investigator, U.S. Army counter-terrorist specialist, and personal protection expert to help you develop and implement integrated threat management solutions that are proven to work, and that allow you to have the peace of mind that…

…your company’s assets, brand reputation, and people are as safe as possible and, most importantly… AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

REMEMBER: To us, violence is random - we never know when it will strike or what it will look like.  BUT... our attacker(s), it's not random at all.  Because they've been thinking about, and perhaps precisely planning, exactly how they'll bring the violence to their target.

AND, if you're that target, and you're not ready when they strike and your people will lose!

Services designed to help HR, Security, safety, and operational leaders achieve greater peace of mind.

Regardless of your current condition and level of preparedness, I offer a comprehensive and integrated approach that will take you from where you are right now, to where you really want to be.  I give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that what matters most to you is being safe and protected from the nightmare faced regularly by other companies who failed to take action before it was too late.

Let’s take 20 minutes to discuss your needs and to determine if we’re a good fit as strategic partners…

Why reinvent the wheel or waste time and money on one-off “band-aid” solutions when it comes to protecting yourself, your company, and your people against threat of violence disrupting or even destroying your workplace?  To truly protect yourself and your people, you need to make your workplace "Attack-Proof!"  That means...

Creating Integrated Threat Management Systems Custom Tailored to Your Workplace and Operations!

When you partner with me on your project, you get access to my nearly 40 years of knowledge, insight, and perspective on not just what you “could” do, but into the psychology and methodology of your potential attackers.  This leads to you getting not only the clarity you need, but solutions that will be customized and integrated into your specific workplace, and designed to work when you need them the most.

Get this slide deck from one of my most popular presentations...

workplace violence presentation

Working With Me - The Process

Each client's situation and workplace is unique, but the process for making your more "Attack-Proof" is the same...


Discovery -

Together we'll clarify your concerns and goals - both personal and professional


Assessment -

We'll identify Your Primary Threats and Vulnerabilities so you'll have the right solution for YOU.


Design -

...and create the Integrated Threat Management Systems that will Increase your Safety, Confidence, and Peace-of-Mind


Development -

...of the necessary support training that will make every employee a part of your new workplace violence prevention system.


Implementation -

...and roll-out of your new systems in a way that both engages your people, while improving trust, loyalty, and confidence in you.

Developing these threat management solutions is an investment – insurance against the expense and cost of not being prepared and protected!

Customized Services Tailored to Each Client’s Needs

Together or separately... get the help you need to produce the results you want

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Consulting Advisory Partner

Expert Knowledge, Experience & Guidance

Workplace violence prevention training

Proven Training Programs

Proven Solutions That Work!

workplace safety and security assessment

Gap Analysis & Assessments

Confidence to Make the Right Decisions!

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Keynote & Guest Speaking

High-Level Value to Meet Your Needs

What Makes Me Different?

First… I am not just another former HR specialist-turned-workplace violence consultant, giving speeches and running one-off “band-aid” style training sessions who merely regurgitate O.S.H.A. suggestions and so-called “industry best practices,” but who leave your workplace no safer than it was before you paid for it!

I’m also not another salesman calling himself a “consultant,” but who’s really only focused on selling you on the latest, greatest, catch-all security system sold by his company. Nor am I the “karate” or military “special-ops” guy who doesn’t understand the liability and reputation concerns that must be a part of anything that you and I put into place.

I am an independent, professional expert with only your best interests in mind.  I am a strategic and tactical thinker who understands the concerns that keep leaders like you up at night – the need for security and safety, while also protecting your brand’s reputation and exposure to loss through liability and regulatory penalties.  That’s why I always strive to provide customized, integrated solutions for each client that are not only effective, but ones that also leave their companies and workplaces much safer and more secure than they were when I initially walked through their doors.

If you want to make your company and workplaces more safe, secure, “attack-proof,” and…

If you want to show everyone that you’re the proactive, go-to person who can foresee problems and implement strategies and systems that can protect against not just injury and the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars lost, but also the other secondary effects caused by a workplace violence incident – if you want to be seen as the true leader who protects your company from the number one cause of injury and death to women and management in the business world today – one that effects approximately 38,500 workers every week in the U.S. alone…

Let’s talk.  Because I know that I can help you do exactly that.