December 27

A Few Statistics That Ruin a Senior Execs Beliefs About Workplace Violence and Their Company’s Invulnerability!

 December 27

by kage36

workplace violence consultant


Workplace violence is the number one cause of job-related injury and death for managers and women.

Nurses are 25 TIMES more likely to be attacked on the job than a police officer.

20 people will die this week from an act of violence in the workplace. And…

…another 38,500 will be otherwise attacked, injured, raped, maimed, etc!

And yet, 70% of businesses lack not only the measures to prevent their workplace from being selected as a target, and the 27 – 28% who do… believe that a serious perpetrator will be stopped by policies amounting to nothing more than zero tolerance” statements, “banned weapons on site” lists, and threats of punishment!

And this is why those 97 – 98%, and their leaders who harbor the misguided beliefs (and many others) outlined in this new report by internationally-recognized self-protection and workplace violence expert, Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI, are wrong when they think that an act of workplace violence can’t or won’t touch them or their people.  And why the financial, PR, and other DEBILITATING fallout may be more than they, or their company, can survive.

Learn more about the myths and realities that exist for corporate and mid-sized businesses that continue to keep them and their people in danger of this horrific, life-changing (and business ending) problem in our free report, “Backwards Thinking.”  Download the digital version here, or from the link on the home page.

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