Avoid the “Zero-Tolerance” Myth and Really Protect Your Business And People From The Fear, Pain, And Loss Of Workplace Violence

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Miller SPS, DTI, author of the upcoming book, “Zero-Tolerance Doesn’t Work,” and I partner with CEOs and senior C-Suite HR, Operations, and Safety Leaders to design and implement workplace violence plans and training that quickly and effectively reduces the risk of organizational losses caused by aggressive employees, criminal attackers, visitors, and terrorists when your conventional security and workplace violence prevention measures fail. My Px8 Strategic Model allows you to create an customized, tailored, and integrated threat management system that’s unique to your company’s work spaces and covers every aspect of prevention, response, and recovery, as-well-as protecting both yours and your company’s reputations from the fall-out and negative PR that can follow in the wake of an attack.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself and your people against the number one threat facing businesses today…

Unlike Others, I don’t do one-off training programs and leave you to figure out the rest. I help you implement systems and related training that will actually protect your people, mitigate damage to the greatest degree possible, and allow you to recover quickly from an unpreventable incident.

Do You Work Hard to Create a Safe Workplace, only to have that, “Oh crap!” moment when yet another story hits the news about a business getting attacked, and from an unlikely and unsuspecting source?

Do you stay up at night, watching what’s going on in the world today, and wonder if what you have in place is enough to protect everything you’ve worked hard to build should someone choose to target you, your business, or your people?  Do you wish you knew which of the FIVE attacker types you were most at-risk from, and exactly what you and your people needed to do to prevent, deter, and respond to your most likely threat scenarios?

Do you want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re doing everything you can to protect your company’s assets, your brand’s reputation, and your people from harm?


As your partner and trusted adviser,  I specialize in helping you assess the gaps in your current systems and procedures, design and implement solutions that proactively work to identify and neutralize threats before they occur, and reduce response times to active incidents that cannot be otherwise prevented to the lowest degree possible.

After partnering with me, you will have a customized, integrated threat management solution that covers the critical and necessary areas that I’ve identified during my nearly 40 years of experience in threat management.”

My passion is making you the hero-leader with the foresight to not allow your company to be one of the 93% of businesses currently unprotected, under-protected, and at-risk to the threat and reality of workplace violence!

Get on my VIP list and receive your complimentary copy of my “Backwards Thinking” special report. You’ll also receive periodic advice on my proven best practices for quickly and confidently making your workplace more safe and responsive against the threats that can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build!

Developing these threat management solutions is an investment – insurance against the expense and cost of not being prepared and protected!

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“Jeff has made what appeared to be a daunting process as easy as possible, literally walking us step-by-step along the way.  I highly recommend him to any company or organization looking to protect itself against the threat and damaging effects of violence in the workplace.”

Brian Burke, VP of Operations


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