In addition to consulting with clients, creating and running programs, seminars, and training for his own and his client’s companies, Jeff also sets aside a portion of his time each year for speaking engagements and workshops.

Jeff’s unique perspective as an entrepreneur, world traveler, former US Army Military Police Officer, physical security specialist, 10th degree Black Belt, self-defense instructor, initiated Buddhist lay-teacher, counter-terrorist specialist, SWAT Team member, undercover investigator, private detective, and bodyguard to a former Secretary of Defense, foreign dignitaries, and several of the beautiful Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders…

…will give your audience the practical, useful, and actionable insight they’re looking for, and that will make your event the success you want it to be.


Jeff has spoken to thousands of people around the world, and is frequently asked to deliver keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops.  He also produces a podcast for those interested in personal protection, warrior-based leadership principals, and personal empowerment.

As a dynamic and charismatic speaker on preventing, surviving against, and recovering from violence; personal, home, and workplace security; reducing stress and burnout; and using meditation to produce more clarity and better results, Jeff’’s speaking experience includes speeches, seminars, and presentations across the United States, and in countries such as Germany, Ireland, Canada, and Japan in addition to presenting at prominent industry events and institutions such as AAIM, International Conference On Workplace Violence in Healthcare, Stephen F. Austin State University, and private company/organizational gatherings. He advises concerned leaders, from startup founders to corporate C-Suite executives, law enforcement and security professionals, to mid and large sized business owners at all levels.


Jeff is a popular and entertaining guest and has been interviewed on local and regional radio shows and podcast shows ranging from HR themed to survival and self-defense prepper.  He has also been quoted and appeared in business and human interest periodicals across the country, as-well-as having his articles syndicated on legal, business, self-protection, and personal development websites around the world.

Reach out to have him as a guest on the topics of workplace violence, employee safety, conflict management, or reducing stress and burnout in the workplace.

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Every one of Jeff’s speaking topics can be adapted to a specific keynote theme or presentation format whether it’s for a conference, panel, in-house event, media interview, podcast or webinar.  His ability to adapt to whatever group size, from a small club or organization to a venue like his presentation for the Hemlock Girl Scout Council at Giant Stadium to more than 10,000 attendees, makes him a perfect choice to help you make sure your event is a success.

Jeff prides himself on a thorough understanding of your needs before customizing each presentation. So, the more information you can share about the event, your goals, and desired outcomes – the more powerful the impact Jeff will have on your audience.

A special message from Jeff to You, the Event Organizer

“As an event organizer, you have enough to think about without worrying about whether or not your speaker will come through for you and deliver or not. My goal is to make sure that your audience is inspired, not entertained — educated, not placated – to combine my insight, passion, humor, and experiences to make each talk unique to your specific audience and deliver an insightful, useful, and motivating experience. Your audience wants to have their world lit up, not put to sleep. They want authenticity with real experiences. That outcome is my mission. Your needs are my needs. I want to hear what about your hopes about the  feedback you’d most want to hear your audience say after the event is over.  And then, with your input, I will craft that message and experience. After all, your attendees are the real client. They are the people I serve and the ones whose lives I’m thankful that you’re considering allowing me to touch.” – Jeff

Jeff’s Most Frequently Requested Presentation Topics

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  • Warrior-Based Leadership: 7 Character Traits That Make You a More Effective Leader!

  • Overcoming Stress & Burnout - Getting the Benefits of Meditation When You Don't Have Time to Meditate

  • Protecting Your Nurses and Medical Staff from Aggressive Patients and Family Members

  • Myths & Realities About Workplace Violence - 6 Reasons Your Plan is Probably Flawed and How to Fix It