April 8

Marcus Aurelius on Your Workplace Violence Prevention Measures


 April 8

by kage36

by Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI

workplace violence prevention


Fact… Neither the enraged individual, blinded by his own emotions in the moment, nor the committed assailant specifically targeting your company or one of its people is deterred by a company’s workplace violence “zero-tolerance” statement or “prevention” measures.  One isn’t thinking clearly in the moment, and other one knows that these plans usually create a false sense of confidence at a minimum and beyond that, they’re counting on a “banned weapons on site” list because that means there will be little to no resistance when they act!

And the threats of punitive or legal punishment for the action?  Again, the first is acting out of blind rage and, while he may be remorseful after the fact, the damage is already done.  And the second?  Well…

…why would they care about what you or the legal system might do to them… when they probably don’t plan to live after the attack?!

Are you a leader serious about protecting yourself, your company, and your people DURING an actual active shooter or other act of violence in your workplace? Given the statistics and the fact that these incidents are on the rise, we understand.

At the J. M. Miller Consultancy, we know that one-off training programs look good and seem cost effective, but they just don’t work to keep employees safe and can end up costing you a LOT more in the long run. That’s why we specialize in helping our clients develop rock-solid procedures, protocols, and training programs designed to answer the question:

“How will we quickly and effectively respond during an unpreventable incident to mitigate damage and protect our people and reputation in the wake of an unpreventable attack?”

We’d like to help you create a customized plan and the necessary training tailored to your unique operations and the different levels within your business, so you can truly be the leader your people can look to for safety and protection.

Let’s determine if we’re a good fit to work together. Contact us to schedule your complimentary 20 minute consult where we can discuss your concerns and needs. Complete the form here to begin the process: jmillerconsultancy.com/contact

Otherwise, you’re betting your life, the reputation of your company, and the lives and safety of your people that your workplace violence plan can  make bad men (or women) NOT do wrong! And you know what Marcus Aurelius calls that thinking!

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