April 29

Thieves No Longer Need to Attack You to Get Your Money!

 April 29

by kage36


By Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI


Contrary to popular belief, an attacker is not always in front of you. Case in point:

Here’s something that’s not just for you, but also something you can share with your friends, family, employees, and clients… especially those who don’t think this kind of thing happens in your area, or that “It’ll never happen to them…”

“Credit card skimmer found at West Milton Sunoco yesterday morning around 10:30.” (This is a small town in a semi-rural area in east-central Pennsylvania).

Here’s the link to another news story from an even smaller community gas station: http://www.dailyitem.com/…/article_58c2b6ca-30c7-11e7-a547-…

If you don’t know what a credit card skimmer is, Google it to see the different types that are either attachments to ATM’s, gas pumps, etc.; or ones that a thief can keep under the counter or wherever, to use when you’re not looking (not to mention the “touchless” versions that can read the so-called “security chip” on your card as soon as they get close enough to you on the street, in a store, etc.)

Yes, thieves no longer have to actually pick your pocket or steal your purse).

And for those who think you always keep an eye on your card when you’re checking out… does that include the countless times you’ve given your card to your servers at restaurants?!

Keep an eye on your bank acct. info so you can catch things as soon as they happen, report the incident to your bank, cancel and replace the compromised card, and change your habit patterns to reduce the likelihood of it happening again!

As I remind students and clients on a regular basis… NEVER BE AN ACCOMPLICE TO YOUR OWN BUTT-KICKING!

Jeffrey M. Miller helps concerned senior leaders protect their people, assets, and reputations from the damage and loss of workplace violence. Get more information and a complimentary 20 minute phone consult at: https://jmillerconsultancy.com/contact


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