My Goal is to Help You Create a Plan & Training Based on YOUR Needs, Not Someone Elses!

Customized Solutions Designed To Protect People, Reputations, and Bottom-Lines!

When it comes to protecting against workplace violence, some of the biggest mistakes that leaders make include:

  • Using borrowed, generic, Templated Policies created for someone else’s company or organization
  • Believing that a short, 6 minute video like “Run, Hide, Fight,” can protect their people from harm and the only option available to them for quick, efficient, employee training
  • Relying solely on deterrence while ignoring how to protect people during actual violence
  • Buying one-off, “canned” programs that:

    • Don’t work because only a few people will remember a fraction of what was taught after the training is over
    • Expect none-security-minded people to know how to adapt the training to their own specific workplaces
    • Aren’t tailored for each tier of the organization’s ladder, and the responsibility each has in making the plan work
    • Believing that “zero-tolerance,” banned weapons lists, and threats of punishment will stop either the angry, irrational person; or the attacker specifically targeting your company or one or more of it’s people
    • Merely allow HR to check off the box in employee training records and nothing else
    • Are never added to the training schedule as refreshers after the course is over
    • etc…
  • Focus only on employee initiated violence, when their primary threats may be in other areas
  • Only focus on physical violence, completely ignoring the problems of lateral and vertical violence issues (bullying, harassment, verbal aggression, etc from coworkers and superiors) that could be bleeding money from your bottom line every day, from:

    • Lost time incidents
    • Lowered productivity and the need to pay for additional employees to do the same job
    • Loss of great talent and the cost of replacing them
    • Excessive turnover
    • stress and tension in the workplace
    • Interpersonal conflicts
    • Training and the time it takes to get new employees up to speed and accuracy
    • Recruitment and on-boarding expenses
    • etc.

Or, worse yet…

  • Ignore the problem altogether as though violence will never touch them, thereby leaving their employees in danger, and their company exposed to liability, negative press, damaged reputations and, if the loss is too great… closing it’s doors!

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“Mr. Miller teaches effective tactics for dealing with all stages of a developing situation, but his brains-over-brawn approach emphasizes the use of awareness and strategy to help avoid the need for physical confrontation. His methods are highly effective.”

John Healy
Senior Manager of Software Engineering
Oakville, Ontario

Helping You Develop Solutions that Work to Prevent, Respond to, and Recover From Actual Violence

When you partner with the Jeffrey M. Miller Consultancy, we will assess the gaps, vulnerabilities, and needs of you and your people to come up with a solid plan and support training.  Every company and workplace is different, just as every industry has different types of operations and common problems.

Here’s a list of common and not-so-common threats and problem areas related to workplace violence in it’s many forms where we can help you:

  • Stress and Overwhelm That Could Cause a Problem
  • Domestic Violence Bleeding Over Into Your Workplace
  • Heavy-Handed Leadership Triggering Problems
  • Disgruntled Current & Former Employees
  • “Lone-Wolf,” Attackers
  • Radicalized Terrorists
  • Aggressive Political Activists and Domestic Terrorists
  • “Love Triangles” Gone Bad
  • Hostile Guests and Visitors to Your Workplace
  • Outside Sales, Delivery, and Other Employees Attacked on the Job
  • Violent Patients, Family Members, and Visitors in Healthcare Facilities
  • Random Targeting By Mentally Unstable Individuals
  • Recently Terminated or Reprimanded Employees Wanting Revenge
  • Temporary and (Sub)Contracted Help Becoming Aggressive
  • Vendor, Delivery, & Shipping Company Employees Entering Your Workplace
  • Threats to Patient Advocacy, Customer Service, and Other Personnel
  • Veiled Threats and Intimidation from Passive-Aggressive Employees
  • Disciplinary and Termination Meetings Going Bad
  • etc.

Protecting Yourself, Your People, and Your Company Requires More Than Just a “Zero Tolerance” Policy!

Schedule a complimentary discovery call or meeting with me to discuss your concerns and how I can help.

Here’s how the Jeffrey M. Miller Consultancy can help:

  •  Physical Security Assessment
  • Gap and/or Needs Analysis
  • SOP or Response Action Plan Review
  • Assistance With Presenting Initiative to Decision-Makers
  • Tailoring “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT,” etc. to your unique workplace(s)
  • Liability-Conscious Personal Safety, Attack-Avoidance, & Self-Defense Training


  • Team Focus Group Surveys
  • Current and Future Trend Research Consulting
  • Customized, Employee-Level-Based Training Programs
  • Security / Threat Assessment / Core Response Team Development & Training
  • Determining O.S.H.A. “General Duty” Clause Compliance
  • Train-the-Trainer Program Design & Certification