Client Results

Over the past 29 years, Jeffrey Miller has worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of diverse industries worldwide.

From manufacturing companies to hospitals, from churches to municipalities and libraries, and from small consulting and social services firms to a state university and school district…

…these clients companies, and often their individual leaders working in “stealth-mode,”* have all turned to Jeff for his expertise and unmatched ability to optimize their ability to prevent, deter, and mitigate the effects of workplace violence.


Real-world, positive results that Jeff has been able to produce for his clients include the following key indicators and outcomes:


Results matter… Period.

From our first conversation, you and I will discuss not only the concerns you have but also the results that you want to see.  Then, everything I suggest, design, an do for you is directed towards achieving those results.

Here are a few of the results that are typical for my clients: