workplace violence in healthcare

75% of Assaults Reported to O.S.H.A Yearly are Perpetrated Against Nurses and Other Healthcare Staff.


Clients Who Can Benefit from Partnering With Me in the Healthcare Arena include:

  • Nurses, CNA's and Support Staff

  • Physician's Suffering from Stress and Overwhelm

  • Departments Experiencing Problems with Lateral/Horizontal and Vertical Violence

  • Psychiatry and Counseling Professionals

  • Nursing Homes and Other Facilities Dealing with Aggressive Dementia and other Memory Impaired Patients

  • In-Home Care Workers at Risk from Patients and Family Members

  • Urgent Care and Family Medicine Clinics

From manufacturing companies to hospitals, from churches to municipalities and libraries, and from small consulting and social services firms to a state university and school district…

…these clients companies, and often their individual leaders working in “stealth-mode,”* have all turned to Jeff for his expertise and unmatched ability to optimize their ability to prevent, deter, and mitigate the effects of workplace violence.

Real-world, positive results that Jeff has been able to produce for his clients include the following key indicators and outcomes:

Results matter… Period.

From our first conversation, you and I will discuss not only the concerns you have but also the results that you want to see.  Then, everything I suggest, design, an do for you is directed towards achieving those results.

Here are a few of the results that are typical for my clients: