February 28

Guest Interview on Live GGG Talk Show


 February 28

by kage36

Listen in as I, along with Robert Sollars of Mesa, Arizona are interviewed by host Ira Wolfe about workplace violence prevention and response right after the Aurora, Illinois Event:

The sad part is that, just as with so many other events like this, there were not only warning signs before the attack... but MAJOR warning signs and, just like other companies...

...nothing was done until it was too late.  And...

...nothing was in place to mitigate the fear, damage, and losses experienced during and after it.

As asked during the interview, "Is workplace violence something that social media and news outlets have normalized within our culture?"

Current statistics show that over the course of a year, an average of 15 people will lose their lives because of workplace violence, and an unbelievable 38,500 employees will be attacked from perpetrators while on the job. Yet, while this problem continues to ravage the workforce, 70% of U.S. businesses have no plan in place to protect their employees or customers.

Listen in to this episode to as Mr. Sollars and I discuss why workplace violence is on the rise, and what companies like yours must do to anticipate, prevent, and neutralize its risk to ensure everyone's safety and well-being.

If this IS something you're concerned about, remember:

Before you can do put something place to protect you and your people from workplace violence, you must have clarity about:

  • What is and is not workplace violence
  • The myths you might have fallen for that are keeping you and your company at risk for attack (not to mention the losses, hits to reputations - both brand and personal, and fear, trauma, and damage left in the wake of an attack)
  • The different attacker types and your primary, secondary, and tertiary threats.

If this is something you want, download your complimentary copy of my "Backwards Thinking" report.  It was written to help the concerned operations, HR, and safety leader take the first step towards having the exact program in place that works!

Download your copy of "Backwards Thinking"


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