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This could have ended very differently, with a much greater loss to UPS than some lost time during a work day.  Of course they will deal with worker-related lost time, productivity, and possibly more as the trauma and other parts of the post-incident recovery phase progresses.  Their ability to handle these with pre-planned processes designed to get things back on track (other than “whip-cracking” and avoidance psychology) will determine just how much will be lost.

The hope is that not only this business, but every other with leaders and owners concerned about protecting themselves and their people against the loss, damage and trauma from workplace violence will use this incident as a reminder that, very often, the attacker will not be one of your own who has gone “postal,” as they say.

As I outline in my report, “Backwards Thinking in Workplace Violence Planning & Staff Training” (available free here:, this is one of the reasons concerned leaders and business owners cannot fall into the trap of limiting their focus on passive prevention and deterrence like “Zero Tolerance” statements, banned weapons lists, or punitive action warnings.  The reality is that…

Most attackers don’t care about these things… and some situations are just not preventable.

But, they are actionable!

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As covered in “Backwards Thinking…”, there are actually 5 different attacker types, each of which require attention in your processes and response protocols.  This case is one of those other four types – one of domestic violence bleeding over into the workplace and affecting not just the partner/victim of the perpetrator, but also anyone else in the vicinity of the violence.

Again, this is something, along with several other attacker types and situations (including hostage-taking and police stand-offs and shoot-outs), that must be addressed and made a part of the customized, company-centric processes and tailored and tailored training in place to truly provide the safe workplace you want for your people.

We know the horrors of violence and how much easier it is to avoid having to think about it and hope that it never happens.  Unfortunately, this only leaves you less prepared and an easier target should the face of violence appear.  That’s why we channel our decades of experience at preventing, defending against, and mitigating the damages from different types of attackers and their methods, and help our clients not only develop the kind of customized processes and tailored training that saves lives, property, money, and reputations… but also allows concerned leaders to be confident and sleep soundly at night, knowing that their company and workplaces are as safe and as prepared as possible.

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By Jeffrey M. Miller SPS, DTI

Contrary to popular belief, an attacker is not always in front of you. Case in point:

Here’s something that’s not just for you, but also something you can share with your friends, family, employees, and clients… especially those who don’t think this kind of thing happens in your area, or that “It’ll never happen to them…”

“Credit card skimmer found at West Milton Sunoco yesterday morning around 10:30.” (This is a small town in a semi-rural area in east-central Pennsylvania).

Here’s the link to another news story from an even smaller community gas station:…/article_58c2b6ca-30c7-11e7-a547-…

If you don’t know what a credit card skimmer is, Google it to see the different types that are either attachments to ATM’s, gas pumps, etc.; or ones that a thief can keep under the counter or wherever, to use when you’re not looking (not to mention the “touchless” versions that can read the so-called “security chip” on your card as soon as they get close enough to you on the street, in a store, etc.)

Yes, thieves no longer have to actually pick your pocket or steal your purse).

And for those who think you always keep an eye on your card when you’re checking out… does that include the countless times you’ve given your card to your servers at restaurants?!

Keep an eye on your bank acct. info so you can catch things as soon as they happen, report the incident to your bank, cancel and replace the compromised card, and change your habit patterns to reduce the likelihood of it happening again!

As I remind students and clients on a regular basis… NEVER BE AN ACCOMPLICE TO YOUR OWN BUTT-KICKING!

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